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3 July 2024


WebMD is currently looking for experienced freelance healthcare writers to contribute articles that are both factually correct and accessible to a general audience. The goal of these articles is to offer consumers valuable and unique information about addiction and/or Medicare topics, while also connecting them with healthcare or insurance services they may need.

Accuracy is our #1 priority, so we’re looking for writers who:

1.Have a medical research/writing background.
2. Are able to grasp and accurately cite various forms of scientific data and research, such as peer-reviewed medical literature and government publications.
3.Have professional experience in addiction and/or Medicare-related industries.
4.Can communicate complicated medical data, principles, or information in an accessible, useful manner for a lay audience.
5.Have experience interviewing vetted and credible subject matter experts in order to glean relevant and unique information.
6.Have experience as a professional content writer.
7.Are able to share a portfolio of medical, insurance, public health and/or healthcare content that they’ve authored.

This is a 100% freelance, telecommuting position. Assignments, writing, editing, and submissions are all handled through our online system. You’ll need a computer, Internet access, the ability to remotely interview subject matter experts, and the ability to deliver clean, informative, and energetic copy.

Qualification / Requirements

We invite writers with real-world experience and expertise with Medicare and/or addiction medicine to apply–especially those that have current or recent work experience as a(n):  

  1. AHIP-certified insurance broker or other insurance professional
  2. Content writer or journalist covering insurance or Medicare topics
  3. Other professional with an expertise in health policy, economics, or research
  4. State-licensed or certified addiction counselor
  5. Licensed substance abuse social worker
  6. Licensed clinical social worker
  7. Certified Addictions Registered Nurse (CARN)
  8. Advance Practice Certified Addictions Registered Nurse (CARN-AP)
  9. Addiction nursing assistant
  10. Psychiatric nurse
  11. Licensed marriage and family therapist
  12. Addiction psychologist
  13. Addiction psychiatrist
  14. Detox specialist
  15. Addiction case manager
  Pay ranges from $50-$180 for each 500-1,500 word article.   Application Link: [PLEASE DO NOT FILL THE BELOW WEBSITE FORM]

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